Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Blast!

We are over July 4th celebration! As much as I look forward to it, I am also happy to have it in the past! It is bitter sweet for me as it has always been my family get together holiday. My Dad's birthday was 4th of July, so I always think of him and miss him more. All 6 of the children in my family would descend on my parents for this holiday, with as many children as we could drag along with us. After my father's passing, we continued for a few years as my Mother's birthday is July 10th, so we would have a early party for her. Now she is with us in body, but her mind is not here. That's a whole other story!

This year we had our daughter, Lisa and her husband and 2 children, our oldest son Eric, his 2 children and his girlfriend's daughter. Eric's girlfriend joined us on Saturday night. We had a very good time. Spent the morning of the 4th at the parade where Garrett got to ride his motorcycle in the parade for the first time. This was a big thrill for him as he got to ride on the REAL ROAD without hiding it! He is 13 and such a sweetheart! Then we came home and headed for the lake. We spent most of the day towing all the kiddies (me too!) on the tube, let them water ski and then just played in the lake. Then there were ribs to eat with all the fixings and of COURSE....WATERMELON! I think we will have some watermelon and corn growing under out deck! Our youngest son, Jason, missed all the festivities! I guess he couldn't take not having a bed to sleep in! Ha-Ha! His loss...we will never have it just like that again!

Sunday morning we woke up to a sick little 2year old Alex! Poor little guy! He is such a sweetie and smiles so much. He had a fever and just wasn't up to par. He said he didn't hurt anywhere. He just wanted to sit in his mommies lap. Everyone took off for Sunday School and Church and left Lisa and Alex home alone....something very odd for our home! Sunday after church it was back to the lake to swim and ride the tube again. The kids never tire of doing that! Then everyone headed to two different states to their own homes. Terry and I jumped up and down for joy!!!! Ha-Ha...really just kidding, we loved having them. We kept our 8 year old granddaughter with us for this week. Her dad and brother are going to church camp for Father and Son this week. They are going to "Camp Notchurmomma" (not sure of the spelling). So today we did the laundry and picked up and spent 3 hours at the library, then back to the lake to swim. Sure am glad we live right on the lake!!!!!

That closes out our holiday for this year. I will try to add some of the great photos of the kids in the lake if I can figure out how to do it!

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Lisa said...

You go Meme!!!! I had forgotten to check your blog. Boy was I surprised! Keep it up. It's lots of fun!

Love you!